Changing Date and Time in Linux

1. date -s "DD Mon YYYY hh:mm:ss"

2. date set="DD Mon YYYY hh:mm:ss"

3. date

1. date -s "28 NOV 2008 13:45:00"

2. date set="28 NOV 2008 13:45:00"

3. date 112813452009

Setting Time in Linux

date +%T -s "hh:mm:ss"

date +%T -s "10:13:13"


  1. this is very useful, will it work in ubuntu? will you join our blog community @

  2. Hi friends,

    Changing the date and time from the Linux desktop is very easy. Usually all you need to do is right click on the desktop clock and choose adjust date and time. In case we are using a non GUI environment like Ububtu server we need to use the command line for that. Thanks a lot.....

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