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Google Sitemap Generator Installation in a CentOS Platform

1. Download Google Site Map Generator:

2. Unpack the downloaded file

$ tar –zxvf sitemap_linux-i386-beta1-20090225.tar.gz

3. Run the installation script

$ cd sitemap-install/
$ ./ -t /usr/sbin/apachectl -g apache

Other options:
* -h displays help about these command line options.
* -d directory specifies a non-default installation directory.
* -a Apache-binary-filename specifies the path to the Apache binary file (httpd).
Alternatively, you can specify this value during installation.
* -c Apache-config-filename specifies the Apache root configuration file.
* -g Apache-group specifies the user group name under which Apache is running.
* -t Apache-control-filename specifies the Apache control script (apache ctl).
If you specify this value, the installer lets you choose to automatically
restart Apache at the end of the installation.
If you omit this option, you'll need …